Sarah’s Hope

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Carl Doubét Jr. Jewelers is pleased to present SARAH’S HOPE JEWELRY.
When you wear this well-crafted jewelry, it is evidence of your contribution to a good cause. The pieces are as individual as the women entrepreneurs for whom the design styles are named. We are sure you will treasure your purchase.

Unique Jewelry

Sarah’s Hope Jewelry combines vibrant colors with sleek sterling silver designs. The created stone, E’SPERENET, combines metal oxides with quartz crystals resulting in dynamic colors. Each piece in the collection is precision made and individually hand finished from the highest quality .925 SILVER and it is RHODIUM plated.

Compelling Purpose

Sarah’s Hope Jewelry contributes 10% of net profits to fund business MICROLOANS to women entrepreneurs. In partnership with MEDA, (Mennonite Economic Development Associates), women entrepreneurs receive microloans up to $1,250 dollars to establish and grow thriving businesses.

Tangible Connection

Each of these designs is dedicated to, and named after, a microloan recipient who is moving her life away from poverty and toward prosperity with the support of Sarah’s Hope. (WATCH VIDEO)